Los Angeles Dominant Role Play Session


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Today I was trying on sexy lingerie and taking selfies of Myself when I felt eyes on My amazing ass. My surprise when I realized that I was being watched by the mail courier! At first I didn’t know what to do! I threatened to call the police! But then I realized a better punishment for this Peeping Tom.

I pulled him into My bedroom and quickly tied him to My bed. “you want to watch Me try on lingerie?” I said mischievously. “Well, now you have no choice!”

I teased him and tantalized him with My catwalk of different panties and stockings. What do you think happened next? Contact Me NOW to find out! 323.510.4890


BDSM Lesson for Los Angeles Slave

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

I have a slave– well, let’s not call him a slave. He’s a dude who calls all the time, begging for Me offer escort services. Um, no. Never. Ever. So don’t even ask. I have told him over and over again that I only offer classic BDSM sessions, Myself in the Dominant Female role. Well, he’s promised that he will be a good boy, so I have finally assented to letting him meet Me. I’ve got My business face on, and I’m ready to teach this guy a lesson. Bondage, CBT, flogging, humiliation. That’s what turns Me on. To learn your own lesson, contact Me: 323.510.4890 www.losangelesbdsmmistressvita.com



Los Angeles BDSM Role-Play Session

He stopped by unexpectedly. He wasn’t supposed to come unannounced. I let him inside, already planning in my head how I was going to teach him a lesson. I closed the door behind us and immediately ordered him to undress. He thought I wanted to give him pleasure. Au contraire! I wanted only to use him for my own enjoyment. I demanded that he get on his knees and to worship my shoes and stockings. He wanted me to remove my heels and nylons so that he could get a taste of my feet and legs. On one condition! He had to let me tie him up first.

He thought then that the fun was really going to start for him. Fun was to begin — but not for him — for me! After binding him tightly I decided I wanted to tie up something else — and torture it. What do you think happened next? Text Me and see if you’re right…. 323.510.4890 www.losangelesbdsmmistressvita.com

Los Angeles dominatrix Mistress Vita

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

Los Angeles Humiliatrix Mistress Vita

Contact The Humiliatrix: 323.510.4890 www.losangelesbdsmmistressvita.com

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

Hello lowly slave

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

Oh dear, your penis is so little!

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

Ut-uh-uh, don’t you talk back to Me, slut.

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

I’ve never seen a man with such tiny balls!

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita

you make Me laugh, you pathetic nothing. That’s the only way you can give Me pleasure!

Los Angeles Dominatrix Couples Session




For those of you who are curious, here’s a response to an email I received today:

Hi (slave x),

Thanks for writing. There isn’t much information about couples sessions on My website because it’s definitely a niche interest, though that doesn’t mean I can’t accommodate it. The times that I have played with couples, there have been different variables. Once, a woman’s husband wanted only to watch Me dominate his wife. He didn’t want to participate. Another time, a slave I had played with many times wanted U/us both to dominate his wife (he was typically the dominant partner in his marriage). Part of the session was Me dominating him, in terms of directing him how to pleasure her. And yet another time, I dominated a couple from the start to the finish of the session; they were both My submissive. So it all depends on what you’re looking for. Ultimately the session would work exactly as it would with a single-submissive session. W/we briefly discuss you and your wife’s interests in BDSM and why you two have decided to contact a Dominatrix. I determine whether W/we are compatible and if W/we are, you book a time with Me. You and your wife then show up and from there W/we do the session.
–Mistress Vita

Day in the Life of a Los Angeles Dominatrix

Wow, has My day been busy. This morning began with My typical Webmistressing, but it just as quickly morphed into session time. I had a noon session with a slave who wanted to engage in role play. He pretended that he was coming to see Me for a massage. I was to dress in normal clothing. I began the massage, and soon he was trying something inappropriate. I showed him! I tied him up and tortured him. My slave didn’t see it coming. Of course, it was what he wanted, after all: to be punished cruelly by yours truly.

Two p.m. brought an age play session. I was the older woman scolding the younger man. I gave him a brisk over-the-knee spanking with different implements that included a riding crop: I adore the smacking sound the crop makes when it hits flesh! I only had a short time to recover My energy when another slave showed up at four p.m.

This slave drove Me to eat a delicious Thai meal. Then I stood at his side while he withdrew cash from an ATM for Me! Then W/we went back to My place where he worshiped My dirty socks from my workout class. Then unexpectedly I had another slave show up at five-thirty, so I tied up My other slave in My bedroom, while I teased My five-thirty subbie in the living room. Such is My life. As I write, I am waiting for My favorite leg worship slave. I can’t wait for the amazing foot massage he’s going to give Me. Are you up for the job? Call Me: 323.510.4890. www.losangelesbdsmmistressvita.com

Los Angeles Dominatrix Vita

Los Angeles Dominatrix Mistress Vita