Wednesday is for Sissy Sluts

img_20161207_151850Today I had the sluttiest little bitch come visit Me. She always shows up dressed just like a man, so I immediately strip her out of those jeans and sneakers and slip her into a pair of lace panties just like the kind I wear. I also had a new dress for her with slutty polka-dots. My sissy slut put on that dress and modeled it for Me. I just couldn’t hold back: I had to tie her up. Bound to My living-room chair, I made some sumptuous espresso to drink while she writhed, wondering what I was going to do to her next. After all that espresso I drank, what do you think I did…? Leave a comment. Or call Me: 323.510.4890

2 thoughts on “Wednesday is for Sissy Sluts

  1. What a beautiful sight. i have had the opportunity for a closer view. What a delight that was. This slave just loves to be under your beautiful feet and ass.


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