Post Beating Glow….

Every so once in a while I come upon a slave who really makes Me smile. This is what happened yesterday when I met a delightful submissive male who defined his BDSM interests as simply as to be in search of discipline. Ahhhh, the sweet sound of a man telling Me that he knows his place in My world. So nice for a change to have a male who actually understands that his job is to make Me happy and to take Me on as his divine Mentor-atrix. Oh, I mentored him all right. I began by painting his butt cheeks with My crop. The finished product consisted of veritable angle wings, all pink and pretty, on his manly, white butt meat. Then I bound his cock and tied it to his collar so that it was like a Xmas present hanging from a tree. Too bad W/we’re far out of that season and already into Spring! But no worry — I still made him squeal like a brat opening his gifts on Xmas morning when I tortured his nipples, then put him over my knee for a swift open-handed spanking. Bound and spread-eagle he was privileged to endure the culmination of O/our session, in which position he offered a tongue bath to My tired, heels-worn feet. So luscious… The end product was a very happy Dominant. Would you like to try to make Me happy too? Do you dare? Call Me now! 323.510.4890


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