What to Expect During a First-Time Session With Los Angeles Pro-Domme Vita Ferrum


I love playing with first-timers, breaking your BDSM cherry, as it were. I am a highly intuitive player, and a session would begin with U/us discussing your interests. No judgments. you must be honest so that I can make sure that W/we are compatible. Once I secure that, W/we begin our session. you will be introduced to My world inside a clean, discrete private residence on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Only I session here, so no one will bother U/us, and for that reason I don’t need to watch the clock. I can concentrate on deriving pleasure from you. I typically start the session with you kissing My shoes or boots. I want you to get into a submissive mindset, and to understand I am boss. you will be collared and on your knees, completely exposed and vulnerable, hands behind your back. I usually then move on to bondage. I am an expert with ropes! I know that you want to worship Me so you must endure some punishment in order to earn the right. This might include face-slapping, spitting, NT, CBT, corporal punishment, or whatever other forms of humiliation I might desire. I work you over for however long I want. Maybe then you have achieved the privilege of worshiping Me. I have beautiful feet and legs that I love to have pampered. you must remember to always make Mistress happy. I will probably want to work you over again, keeping in mind your interests but mostly just what I want. Of course you want to please Me. I push My slave to the limits while also respecting boundaries. Respect is very important to Me. For that reason, I demand respect from you as well. Only respectful, generous, submissive men will be considered as appropriate to enter My lair.

www.losangelesbdsmmistressvita.com. I can also be politely contacted at 323.510.4890.

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